The new rolex replica watches for 2017

One thing Rolex can expect is continuity. Although the less mature watch brand to light the speed of the pursuit of shock tactics, and the speed of light to change the design direction, so that the potential watch buyers dazzled, but rolex replica things still maintain rapid growth. The classic models of the 1950s and 1960s, such as “Oyster Eternal”, “Submarine”, “Explorer”, “Greenwich Mean Time Master” and “Daytona”, are shown in Rolex’s core series , Can directly track their ancestors.


One of the world’s traveler watches is one of the easiest advice in the dual time zone function, Sky-Dweller will be re-examined in the yellow Rolesor version in 2017, the following is a combination of steel and 18K gold, has been Rolex since 1933 Signature function, protected no more than 11 patents, Sky Star let the global traveler in the central hands of the local time, in the center of a rotating 24-hour disc in the family time, an almanac date in the Cyclops lens 3 o’clock , A few months through the dial around the 12 holes, correspondingly from white to red. Without having to use the pusher and the crown, the function of this watch can be adjusted by rotating the ring command baffle yellow. The champagne dial has an elegant sunny surface and now displays a rectangular index hour mark and a longer hand with Chromalight handles lasting light.


Cellini series is cheap rolex watches on the more traditional clothing watch answer, and in 2017 through this Moonphase model has been enhanced. 39mm Everose gold case with a white paint dial, at six o’clock show a blue patent leather disc, showing the full moon meteorite, the new moon in the silver ring. The indicator on the top of the blue dial allows you to understand the various stages of the moon, and the date placed on the circle of the dial is indicated by a blue hand with a crescent on the moon.


Oyster shell is a rugged definition, the middle of the situation is made of rugged corrosion-resistant 904L steel, with tight tightened bottom cover, only Rolex watch makers can be removed. Taking into account the watch will be through the diving suits, rolex replica watches with a double extension system, you can extend the bracelet to 26mm, without the use of tools.

Rolex 2017 new product tasting Beijing field waiting for you to about

Recently, Rolex in Shanghai, “Rolex World” held 2017 Basel Rolex new exhibition preview. This is also in the Basel watch after the exhibition, Rolex replica watches in the country and the table friends close contact with a concentrated display. Shanghai activities after the start, a lot of Beijing table friends sent to ask: “Beijing is such a new Rolex exhibition?” Yes, of course, “Yes!”, In 2017 on June 24, Beijing Xidan shopping mall Geely World Watch Center together with the famous Swiss watch brand Rolex held a new tasting. At this time, this year Basel’s new Rolex Oyster-style constant-action sea, Oyster-style constant motion SKY-DWELLER (Skywalker) and Chelyni moon phase watch will debut.


Rolex Sea Series 126600 watch series
The first use of calendar magnifying glass, single red word series marked the new sea, by virtue of these two highlights to become this year’s Basel Watch new product in the explosion, the brand once again this legendary sea to the new model to the new height. To 43 mm stainless steel case and 3235-type movement once again interpreted, became the strongest of this year, one of the new Rolex.


Rolex Chelini series 50535 watch
Once upon a time, the style is different from the traditional Rolex design Rolex, attracted my attention. This year, the brand for the Cherini series added a new moon phase meter, is the first time in recent years, Rolex will be placed on the dial design on the dial design of the new models. Through the blue enamel moon disc, the moon’s profit and loss changes jumped above the dial, meteorite material full moon, curvature of natural smooth, showing a distinctive, unique beauty.


Rolex SKY-DWELLER series 326933 watch
With the calendar and the two places when the function, Rolex SKY-DWELLER series become a brand of complex watches headed. This year, a year in all gold case design, to between the gold and steel models appeared in front of the watch enthusiasts. Put away a little luxury and publicity, turned to look more refined, hard gas. And before the Skywalker, the new still has a number of brand patents, show Rolex superb brand technology and full content. In addition, although the structure is complex but easy to operate, always highlight the classic brand of quality and style.


Rolex Log Series 279160 watch
Women’s log type 28 watch, to retain the Rolex Oyster-style constant design aesthetic elements to pink dial, stainless steel case showing exquisite charming and full of women between the wrist. Pink dial, easier to identify, making reading more convenient. 12 times the standard position to a lasting glossy made of 18ct gold, giving the Rolex replica watches a unique brand charm.

Rolex variety of color replica watches waiting for you to experience

Rolex replica “Water Ghost”, as one of the most popular watch watch enthusiasts, their excellent performance, the Rolex brand reputation pushed to a new height. Until today, the heat of the water ghost continues to rise. Recently, the author learned that the Beijing Xidan Harmony world watches center, Rolex replica watch between the blue and blue water ghost new arrival, set the water and the ghost of the classic and gold publicity, luxury as one, and then Yingying blue dial into which to show Great beauty. In addition, the black blue bezel of the Greenwich dual time zone watch is also one of the heart of the table friends will seize the opportunity to buy as soon as possible.

Rolex pioneer series 116613LB-97203 blue plate watch

The so-called “labor” eternal, speaking is Rolex has always been a steady rock-like quality and outstanding time function, life has a labor enough. Rolex pioneer series of watches, both the classic diving watch, but also the same type of time model. If the black, green water ghost color design visual fatigue, then the design of gold and blue water ghost is absolutely like Rolex Friends of the choice of friends. Regardless of the bottom of the sea or attend the dinner, “Water Ghost” watch can be managed in a variety of occasions.

Rolex Greene Type II Series 116710BLNR-78200 watch

“Inter Milan” Rolex GMT watch from the first glance to show full of charm, when the summer, a blue and black wrist watch for the wrist on the inch to bring a trace of cool texture. Practical function, not only to this Rolex as the essence of the function of time to play to the extreme, and the design of eye-catching and natural black and blue two-color ceramic ring, but also for the second time zone time instructions added a fresh design. Showing a unique sensory enjoyment, is the Rolex replica watch, very popular watch.

Summary: near the Dragon Boat Festival, in addition to hot Rolex replica watch, the Xidan shopping malls also held a certain amount of spending to send gifts to send festive activities. Is a good time to buy the table, intends to purchase the table of the table friends, may wish to see. Take advantage of this Dragon Boat Festival, start the table of love.